What Has Convenience Cost Us?

I cannot remember what I was doing the other day, some simple, mundane, task we take for granted, when it suddenly dawned on me we, as a species, have become very lazy.

Many of our technological advancements are great; T.V. remote controls were needed as Cable T.V. presented us with more channels than a dial could be turned for, cell phones allowed us to make calls on the move, and everything you see on those late night infomercials eases our lives in one way or another.  However, there are just as many which have handicapped us in some ways.

How many telephone numbers can you remember off the top of your head?  Growing up I could remember all of my friend’s and family-member’s numbers along with my own home number.  Now we have our contact lists in our cells with everyone available at the touch of a button.  I do like how accessible cell phones have become–being able to call for help where ever you are, the ability to be contacted at any time, however, we have placed to much dependence on them, just as we have with computers.  Speaking of telephones, growing up I could make a phone call if the power went out, how many homes can do that currently?

Another example, music.  I am not talking about genre or awards, I am talking how music is presented or acquired by us now.  In my youth there were cassette tapes, my parents had albums and 8-tracks.  As I became a teen, CDs were first introduced and that seemed to be the format that was going to stick with us–however, none of us could imagine the internet as it is use today.  Obtaining a massive music collection is no longer the chore it once was, a few downloads, trading with friends and boom, you are your own DJ.  It’s great, all the music I love on my computer or in an mp3 player I can carry in one hand, playing the songs I want when I want…  absolutely amazing.

Final example:  recording television.  I gotta laugh at this one for a few reasons.  Growing up, if you missed a tv show, you were pretty much screwed, repeats where not shown as often as they are now and by the time they were, you couldn’t make sense of the story-line.  Then VCRs came along, and if you were clever enough you could record one program and watch another:  wooo-doggy!  Of course, my father being the tech-savvy person he was, we had two VCRs setup, which could both record different things while we watched a third.  Now, that ability was lost when DVDs first came out, at least on a DVD player until Tivo and DVR came along, which were great things.  Now, we can stream episodes, download them, binge on Netflix…  it is all there nice and ready for us.

So, we got all this stuff right at our fingertips, we never have to get out of the chair to change, switch or adjust anything.  When we want a song, tv show or phone number, boom there it is.  E-mail has caused problems for the USPS and yet we are not bothered as it is all about our convenience.  Making things easier is nice and all, but I have one question…  What are you gonna do when the power goes out?

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A Follow Up On Gender Equality

Why Gender Equality Will Never Be–As I See It

I hardly ever revisit my posts, however this one bears a follow up.  Equality on all levels is important, no one should be considered different than another based on something they have no control over:  race, gender, or sexuality.  However, there is a rather nasty double standard out there when it comes to gender equality.  We have come a long way from the days when women were considered chattel and treated as less than human; this is a very good thing.  However, women are not held to this same standard and treat men in a manner and fashion which, if the tables were turned, would be labelled as sexist, misogynistic, woman hating…  etc.  My question is simple, why are women held to a different standard on these issues?  Why are the rules not the same on all sides of the gender fence?  Let’s take a look at some specific instances to illustrate my point.

DILFs of Disneyland – Seems a rather harmless enough page, right?  Well, when men post sites like this there is a ton of uproar about objectifying women, how these men are all potential rapists and how creepy it is for a man to be taking random pictures of women they do not know.  In reading comments about this site I see, “Men like it.”  “It’s just harmless looking.”…  you know, all the same comments men would make about a MILF site, but someone it’s right when women do it?  Side note:  When I commented on the dilf page on Instagram, not only was my commented deleted, I was blocked from seeing the page.

Women Raping Men – It really bothers me how people think this cannot happen.  How it is impossible for a woman to overpower a man, or if a man gets an erection it’s consent…  really?  That is like saying if a woman has an orgasm while being raped she is consenting, we have little control over how are bodies react sexually.  For woman who think men have control over their erections, you have obviously really never been around a teenage male.  But seriously, it does happen, women do rape men and yes I do stipulate the reported numbers are not as high as women getting raped by men, but they are there nonetheless.

I cannot stress this point enough–in order to establish complete gender equality, the rules have to apply exactly the same to all parties.

Here is a link to a petition I have started on, I would appreciate it if people sign it, if not that is OK.


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“My texts are more important than your life.”

“My texts are more important than your life.”

Well, no actually they aren’t, but this seems to be the common thought process of most people out there.  Earlier today I chose to participate in the conversation on this article.  I fully admit I am one of those guys who will yell at a driver, “Hey, hang up and drive @$$hole!”  Nothing pisses me off more than seeing these people driving around looking at their phones reading texts–I cannot even tell you the number of times I have been “bumped” by a driver to distracted to see me in the crosswalk, and mind you I am 6’8 and 300 pounds, so not exactly like I blend in. Read the rest of this entry »

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