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News Flash: The World Is Not Flat

I know that I will never be politically correct and I don’t give a damn about my lack of etiquette.

 I spent most of yesterday on the Sun Journal website in a discussion about Question 1 on the Maine ballot this year.  Of course as always happens with online discussions, the people posting started getting further and further of topic with their posts, at points comparing marriage equality with pedophilia and bestiality.  I understand people have an indoctrinated fear about homosexuality, whatever they may call it, it all boils down to fear and misunderstanding.  All Question 1 is doing is establishing marriage equality for all people.

Read that news story carefully and if you chose read related articles about the judge’s decision and exactly what he stated in his decision.  This article, or more precisely the judge’s decision, has scared the shit out of me.  This is a huge thing, despite all that most people see if the homosexual side of it.  Much more is needed than a simple redraft of the legal definition of marriage.  What we need are federal guidelines establishing marriage across the country once and for all.  What happens if you go to a city/hospital that is against interracial marriages?  Or against May/December marriages?  This judge has opened the door for hospitals to be able to deny, and therefore, have control over the patients and their family.  The two women in this article had taken all legal steps available to them in terms of next of kin, power of attorney, etc. and still she and her children were denied from being at this woman’s bedside as she died, I can think of no worse fate personally, dying alone.
The reason I say we need to have federal guidelines is that it becomes all to easy for one state to say “We do not recognize marriages from YOUR state.”  When you think about it they already have a system in place for this, think about what the performer of a wedding ceremony says, “By the power invested in me by the State of Maine.”  That about says it all right there.
I am far from being politically correct, but I do believe in what is right and what is wrong, denying people the right to marry the one they love is a wrong thing.  We are all so focused on the wrong issues when it comes to Question 1, the lies that have been proven wrong over and over, that we are failing to take into account the basic matter of equality.  We have come so far as a nation in such a short relative amount of time, to take this next small step will help tremendously.
Religious reasons do not even factor into this subject for me, until you live 100% by your bible, anything you say to me means nothing, nothing at all.  Procreation?  What about the birth control you use?  And can you honestly say every time you have sex it is to have a child?  Get off your high horses already folks, this law is about marriage equality which will be a good thing for everyone.
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Eeny Meeny Miney Moe….

Now, I bet you are wondering what that is all about, huh?  Well, honestly, that is my basic impression of the voting system here in this country.  Whether it be for class president or President of the United States, it seems like the majority of people just vote for whoever is deemed most popular at the time.  This is not a complaint on my part by no means, just an observation on my part.  It is a part of human nature that the most popular, the most appealing for whatever trait, is chosen to lead.  And so, because of a basic drive we, as a species, are sometimes given leaders that have attained their status for their own needs and not for the greater good of the people that they rule over.

So now we come to an admission on my part.  Here I am, 35 years old, and not only have I never voted in my adult life, I have never even registered to vote.  I can hear the high and mighty of you laughing now and proclaiming, “What right then do you have to speak out against things?”  Well, the Constitution of this great country gives me that freedom and I don’t speak out against the government in this blog, rather against those members of society that live with their heads in the sand.  For seventeen years I have made the choice not to vote, to not assist putting people into office that I feel should not be there.  In that span of time, there has not been any serious candidate for any position that I approved of, and I doubt there ever will be.  As my blog posts have shown, I have very defined beliefs on the issues and I will only cast my support for someone that demonstrates full beliefs in those ideas to me.

However, this year is different in a big way for me.  This year in the state of Maine we have the issue of marriage equality on the ballot.  More specifically, we have a group of Archie Bunkers who want to get the law allowing same-sex marriages repealed.  This is an issue that hits close to home to me for a lot of reasons.  At the top being my own sexuality, it affects friends and family members and then we have the lies that the Yes people are pushing out.  They are using blatant lies and scare tactics to obscure the issue at hand;  equality for everyone.  They hide behind the threat of homosexual marriages being taught in school (they won’t be), they use religious reasons (sorry folks, religion is not supposed to affect government decisions and if you want it to then guess what, the reverse needs to happen and churches will start having to pay taxes.) 

So, yes, on November 3, I will be going down with my fiance, registering and casting my vote to support equality in Maine.  It is time to show these bigots and haters that we are out of the dark ages, it is the 21st century and everyone is entitled to equal and fair treatment and respect in the laws of this state and nation.  We should no longer be purposely ostracizing people for anything at all.  We are all one species, one race, the people of Earth.  Love and acceptance is the only way we are going to be able to move on and progress as a species, as one people united.

Question 1 was introduced by interest groups from outside the state of Maine who’s only agenda is to spread their hate and fear mongering.  It is time for all of us to stand up and declare that we have made our choice and we will not outcast members of our state merely to make bible thumping cave men happy.  This is why I have decided to set aside my own feelings and register to vote this year.

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Men As Homemakers; It’s Not A S.A.H.D Thing

Okay, so now that I have gotten that pun out of my system, let’s get onto the the topic at hand, and for those wondering S.A.H.D means Stay At Home Dad.

For many personal reasons I enjoy being a stay at home dad.  I tend to have a lot of problems interacting with people out in public and being able to stay home and “work” is much more beneficial to me.  It also helps to keep the house clean and organized as well as providing a steady safe environment for the children.  This is something Jenni and I have talked about a lot, as well as discussing it with friends that ask why I do not work.  Aside from my disability that prevents me from working, I prefer to have this steady environment we have created for the kids and there is always the fact that we cannot afford to have both of us working.  It’s true, we have done the math a few times.  Daycare for four children ranging from the ages of 2 to 13 would be astronomical and then you need to figure in a second vehicle with insurance and maintenance for that vehicle and there goes any paycheck I would make and more.  Also, due to my varied work history it is nearly impossible for me to find a job that I could actually do that would equally the money that Jenni is able to make in her field.

Being a homemaker suits me very well.  I am able to maintain the home as I like it to be, everything from the dishes and organizing the kitchen, to making sure everything is picked up and put away.  I know statistically day cares are safe places, but I still get spooked when I see the stories on the news.  We have had problems with the day cares that we have found and it is not something that I am willing to risk with our children.  Having them able to come home after school is much better for them in my opinion.  This is the environment they are used to, where all their toys are, where all their friends are and where they feel safe and comfortable as it is home.  I am able to interact with the kids, do things with them and talk with them.  These are things that either would nto get done or done only in small amounts if I was working and just wanted to relax when I got home.

Our children spend all day at school in the presence of semi-strangers, speaking from my own memories as a child it is very nice to come home to, well home.  Having to go to a day care or a baby sitter where you are under a different set of house rules and possibly around being you do not like or cannot stand.  For me, having the time with the kids is precious and something that I would not willingly give up if I could help it.

Men get a lot of shit for being the stay at home and in this day and age it really makes no sense.  We are just as capable of taking care of the house and the kids as the mom is, and we deserve the same respect that a woman gets for doing the same thing.  People are always talking about and fighting for equality, but why is it we do not have it in this aspect yet?  It seems to me that people have this image of what a man should be and what he should do and when he falls out of that role he becomes a bum or even more crudely “a glorified sperm donor”.  As I have said before, nowadays it is a bad thing to be a white male in this society and that needs to change.  The saying used to be “A woman can do anything a man can do”, well folks here is a shocker, a man can do anything a woman can do.  We are just as capable of being the homemaker in the relationship and should not be looked down upon for doing so.

It all really boils down to one simple concept, if it is good for the goose it is good for the gander.  If you want to be treated and seen equally then you need to do the same with other people and not judge them for their thoughts, beliefs or how they live (provided it is within the laws of society).  We all have our individual ways of living and being a stay at home dad is perfectly fine.  For far to long people have complained about the lack of relationship a father has with his children, yet now that we are trying to you complain about something new.  It is time for this society to wake up and realize we are not all Quakers anymore and we have truly and for good moved on from that concept of people’s roles in life.

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