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A Random Recap

Okay, so yes I abandoned this little project for a while, however I am slowly making my way back here. I figured what was a better way to make a blazing comeback than to recap so of the foolishness that I see going on around me in this world. So, without further ado, here we go!

Casey Anthony -For so long I saw the posts of “Justice for Caylee!”  Well, justice wasn’t served and no I am not referring to the verdict.  I feel that the verdict was sound and fair, the state did not prove their case at all.  The prosecutors and police failed Caylee, not the jury.  Do I think Casey had something to do with her death or played some role, more than likely, but the state dropped the ball and now double jeopardy applies.

Education – Now, anyone that knows me knows my feelings about education in this country.  Yes, it is failing the students in a big way and it is far past time to reevaluate what we want to be doing with our educational system.  News flash:  The test them to death scenario is not working, it is time to move on and following the examples of other leading industrialized nations.  Students are being given passing grades when they have not earned them, high school students spelling, penmanship, math skills, etc. are horrible and no one is addressing this problem.  Instead of fixing the broken system we are giving labels and crackpot diagnoses to all these kids.

Pakistan – Look, I am sorry you are butt hurt, but we, the United States, took out Bin Laden, that was a huge victory.  You need to stop abusing your countrymen that assisted us and get over being pissed off about the operation.  You were not notified because of leaks in your government, you want respect from the world, start acting like you are interested in the best interests of the world and not your own.  The whole sovereign nation concept is a joke to me because we are all of this planet and if we do not come together and unite as one soon we are forever doomed.

Qaddafi – It’s about fucking time we stopped taking this assholes bullshit.

Look people, I could keep going on here but it is really not needed.  We are failing ourselves as a planet and a species.  It is time to forget about color, gender, race, etc. and focus on the fact that we are all Earthlings!  We are killing this planet and our race in an attempt to be better than the other guy and in the end all we are gonna do is send ourselves back to the caves.

I really do not know anymore, is there any hope for the human race at all?  I would like to think so as I am a part of it as are my children, but, until we reach that day when we can come together as one unified race we are doomed.

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