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But, I Touched Him Before You Made The List

So, adding to the list of absolutely asinine court cases is one here in Maine where 16 Plaintiffs, all listed as John Doe, are arguing that their names should not be retroactively applied to the sex offender registry.  Wait, what?  Yeah, you read that right, I guess for them it didn’t count because the law for the registry wasn’t in affect.I am sorry but you did the crime, doesn’t matter when, you did it and we have the right to be informed.  I find it far safer to have them on the list and have the neighborhoods be aware than to leave them off for some loophole and have it taking them doing it again to get on the list.

Personally, the fact that they are John Doe-ing through this makes it a big laugh for me, if you want the chance to prove yourself do not hide, stand up and be a man, figuratively speaking of course.  Personally I hope the future judges keep this law in affect, does not matter when you committed the crime, you still did it.

Sex offender registry ruling likely to be appealed


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