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Why Hasn’t George Zimmerman Been Arrested?

Trayvon Martin - Million Hoodies March 2012 020

Trayvon Martin - Million Hoodies March 2012 020 (Photo credit: calvinfleming)

For the same reason that some many people dislike President Obama, because Trayvon Martin was black.  From the reports coming from law enforcement in Florida that is what all the evidence is pointing to; and that is a rather sad realization.   It is rather sad that in the year 2012 we are still dealing with the same bullshit that was going on pre-1960.  There is really no need for it, George Zimmerman needs to be arrested and charge with killing Trayvon and have his day in court in front of a jury of his peers.

This really has nothing to do with self-defense or “stand your ground”, it has to do with the fact that the victim was black and wearing “hoodlum” clothing.  Even with cases of self-defense people are still arrested and charged and have to go to court.  So, Sanford, FA. when are you going to arrest George Zimmerman?  The entire nation wants to know.  We sit  here day in and day out hearing bullshit stories and reasoning from the so called law enforcement people down there and yet justice is severely lacking in this situation.

While I do not agree with what the New Black Panthers are doing, I can understand why they feel the need to post the bounty, and it is only going to continue until Zimmerman is arrested. Personally, I am glad that I do not leave anywhere near Sanford, FA. at this time.  I am not saying that as I am ashamed of the community, I would be fearful for my safety.  The pot is boiling down there and it is only a matter of time before it boils over and some serious events start occurring.

We have all seen the various images and posts on Facebook; one that particularly sticks with me says “It’s called Neighborhood Watch; You do not watch with a gun.”  That is so true, it says it all right there.  No one can convince me that Zimmerman was not looking for a fight, he wanted a chance to prove how big and bad he was and boy did he get it.  And now the police and prosecutors are covering up for him; while folks that blanket will only stay in place for so long before a stiff breeze comes along and tears it away and when it does it won’t be just George Zimmerman going down for the count.  You are going to see some major changes in law enforcement overall in Sanford.

I truly believe there are good people in that city, indeed some in the law enforcement circle that are being affected by this because of the bad apple syndrome.  I feel sorry for those good people because typically it is the ones like that them suffer for the bad peoples actions.  I’ve seen reports where the police wanted a warrant to arrest Zimmerman but it was denied to them, why is that?  Does Zimmerman have connections that have not been revealed to us?  Is he a police informant and they do not want the information he provides them to go away?

I hate using the word conspiracy, but it does seem to fit in here.  As more time passes on this, that is what it is going to turn into.  The clock for taking care of this properly is slowly ticking down and once it reaches zero there is going to hell to pay for law enforcement in Sanford and it is not going to be pretty at all.  Each morning I wake up hoping to read that Zimmerman has been arrested, however it has not happened yet.  At this point, realistically, I honestly expect to read that he has been killed before I ever see a story about him being arrested or charged.



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What Is Meant By The Term ‘Survivor’?

No, I am not talking about the CBS reality show or the band, what I am talking about is someone that survives another person in death.  As you see in so many obituaries–“John Smith is survived by his wife Joan, 5 children and his brother.”  In that context we are clearly referring to someone that is alive before the person in question died, seems rather simple doesn’t it?  I thought so as well and it would after all seem like common sense, until I came across the story about Karen Capato.

Now, clearly science has advanced in leaps and bounds since these original laws were written, it still begs the question, are these children eligible for survivor benefits?  While they are clearly his biological children, there is a lot of room for argument in this issue.  On the one hand if we were to examine this from the stance of when a marriage ends than yes, they are entitled to the benefits as there are plenty of instances where a marriage ends in divorce, or the parents were never married, and the children are still eligible for the benefits.  However, in that instance those children are alive before the deceased parent passed away.  This case is now before the Supreme Court and it will be interesting to see how the justices rule because there really is nothing in the Constitution that applies to this situation, it is unique in so many ways.

While I can empathize with the Ms. Capato for wanting to have more children by her husband, to carry on his name and what not, however if the justices were to rule in her favor this would open the door to a lot of potential abuse.  The court is faced with so many things it needs to figure out in this case that it literally boggles the mind.  As this article highlights, they are being forced to redefine established terms about what defines a child, a parent and even conception.  However, this cased is ruled now that it has been brought out into the spotlight it is going to become an issue of debate as there are soldiers who leave specimens behind before they deploy in case something happens and they want their wives to have children.

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