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Why Do We Coddle Our Kids?

I honestly do not understand the parents that my generation (and beyond) have become.  While there were some aspects of my childhood that really did need to be addressed and changed (bullying being the big one), we really have gone to far and we are not preparing our kids for the world that is actually out there at all.  At some point, we stepped off the sidewalk and are now dodging cars, albeit far worse than Frogger ever did, and even if we get to the other side eventually our children are just going to get chomped by the alligators.

Let’s first evaluate sports, not high school sports, but sports at the younger ages.  When did it suddenly become fashionable to have everyone win?  In theory I understand this teaches the children the game is more important than the win, however, it goes against everything else they are exposed to in life.  On t.v. they seen teams, and even single people, winning against their opponents all the time and even on children’s shows there is always someone that wins.  Along this same tangent, not everyone made the team and kids learned to adjust to that, they became better at the sport and the next year they went and tried out again.  This teaches children core values about the truth of having to be skilled and apply yourself to succeed in life.  It is during these early years when values are formed and it seems to me to be far better to have them learned unconsciously as opposed to just being dumped into the real world to either sink or swim.

Let’s move on to education now, shall we?  I really am disgusted at what the education system has become in recent years.  It was fairly bad when I was a student, in terms of just pushing a child along to the next grade you do not have to deal with them for another year, however, with the introduction of No Child Left Behind it has become absolutely insane.  I’ve witness fudged grades, assignments suddenly not counting or tests getting different weight than was originally announced.  This is ridiculous.  Some of these students leaving high school have lousy penmanship, incredibly bad spelling skills and very poor math skills.  Far to often the blame is erroneously put on the educators, it is the parents that need to wake up and realize that their children are playing parents against teachers and just skating through school.  Whatever happened to holding the students accountable for their grades?  It is not the teacher’s fault a child does not do their homework or fails to study properly for a test after all.  Now, this is not a proposal to get teachers off the hook, there are some out their not doing their jobs properly, however, the parents are slacking in a big way nowadays and they really need to kick it up a notch.  Yes, your child is unique and special, however, they are still expected to live up to the same obligations as all the other students at the local school.

Stop allowing the electronic devices to entertain your children; get them outside, get them reading.  I am not saying ban the electronics in your home but create a positive balance.  Playing outdoors with friends and reading instills an imagination in children, imagination leads to the ability to think and reason better and will assist the children in their educational careers.  Yes, also, we need to get back to proper punishments for children.  Why did we ever move away from spankings?  Granted their was an issue with child abuse that needed to be addressed, and it was, however, we have moved along to far and far to often the children run the household and this is not how it is supposed to be.  Children need punishment based both on what they did and their age.  Of course punishment is going to be different for a 3 year old and a 10 year old, however, they both need to be punished in a manner that illustrates what they did was improper and not appreciated.

Before you start blaming everyone else for how your child acts, take a good look in the mirror and reflect on how you have raised your children.  I am not saying you should not be your child’s friend, however, you should be your child’s parent first.

I do believe Bucky Convington sums it up rather nicely.

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Some News Tid-Bits

A smoke-free country? New Zealand taxes aim for it – Yes we all know smoking is bad for everyone; however, adults do make informed choices and this is honestly just getting ridiculous.  Didn’t they learn anything from alcohol prohibition?

Whopping Cough PSA – I am not usually a big fan of inflammatory commercials; however, this one strikes a chord with me considering the new movement to not vaccinate children.  Not vaccinating your child is very irresponsible not only for them, but for everyone around them.  You never know what your child will pick up because you made a choice not to vaccinate, and as shown on an episode of Law & Order SVU concerning the measles vaccination, if my child is harmed due to your choice you can bet your ass I am suing you.

After-Birth Abortion – Pardon my language but, fuck you, it’s not a choice at this point.

‘Hunger Games’ on Banned Book list – Books should never been banned, it’s foolish.  Restricted for ages because of content, that is fine, but outright banning a book is just seeking to control a society.  And yes, that even applies to ‘Twilight’.  :-P

Kansas Governor, Sam Brownback, Signs Anti-Sharia Bill, Effectively Banning Islamic Law – Sounds good to me!  No, seriously, this is America, you come here you fall under the jurisdiction of the American courts and their laws, it really is that simple.  If I go to your nation can I expect to be covered by only America’s laws?

Richard Leakey: Evolution Debate Soon Will Be History - For me the debate is already history; however, I do understand that some people find it easier to accept the *poof* everything is here theory over logic.

How a legal case could force 1.2 million in Quebec to marry  – this is an important one to read and keep an eye on because it calls into the limelight the responsibility of anyone in a relationship.  What is it about one piece of paper that says “Ok know you owe him/her money for life?”  I remember way back when Sandra Locke successfully sued Clint Eastwood for palimony, money from being in a non-married relationship.  This definitely raises a lot of questions and while it is happening in Canada, it is not that far of a stretch to imagine similar things occurring here in America.

‘6,000 RIM jobs at risk’ of a pink slip – My inner 13 year old is giggling uncontrollably at this one.  I am not including this one for the article, merely for the fact the title never should have made it past the editor.

Miami Police Shoot, Kill Man Eating Another Man’s Face – I am curious why they could not taze him in this situation.  At any rate, it is rather disturbing and I foresee a lot of jokes and memes coming about from this.



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Media Players Getting The Best of Me

So, this is gonna be a quick venting post just to let out some frustration.  For a long time now I have used Winamp as my primary application for playing my music, however I have learned through playing around with others that it is lacking one feature I really like — the ability to monitor my media folder AND update my current playlist at the same time (rather like Itunes and Foobar do).  I have tried several other media players but they all are lacking in one way or another:  no queue option, no easy search option, takes forever to load the files in, etc. etc.

So, all I really want is for Winamp, who already had all of the features I love, to include a feature that, along with its Media Library monitoring my folder, will take any new or changed information and apply it to my playlist editor…  but alas, I think that will never happen.

End rant, thank you for reading. :-)


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