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My Birthday Wish

As anyone who reads my blog will know I am a big supporter of marriage equality. I normally do not do the “Cause Wishes” that get sent out around my birthday but with the ballot issue coming up in Maine this November and all the other states dealing with the issue I figured this would be a good time. So, the link below is to my wish, donate if you can, share either way. It would be nice to raise some money for this very important issue.


My Birthday Wish


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I Think I Just Shit My Pants

I apologize for the language in the title of this post, however, it clearly describes what I experienced when I got the mail today.  In my mail was a flier documenting what the current session of my state congress has done, in it was a section titles “Protecting Firearm Ownership”.  While this sounds nice and friendly, for those who cherish gun ownership, the contents of this section were rather frightening to me.

This bill prohibits a person acting on behalf or under the authority of the State or a political subdivision of the State from prohibiting or restricting the otherwise lawful possession, use, carrying, transfer, transportation, storage or display of a firearm or ammunition during a declared state of emergency. This bill also removes the power of the Governor to suspend or limit the sale, dispensing and transportation of firearms during a declared state of emergency.

The full text of this revised law can be read at L.D. 1859, however, this summary I quoted above does a very accurate job of relating what it is all about.  To give a bit of background, we are under G.O.P/Tea Party rule in this state and our governor, Paul LePage, has made quite a few of the worst governor in the country lists.  While this new freedom of firearms does not surprise me in the least, it is very frightening.  Why?

Quite simply, the last thing we need during a declared State of Emergency is every Tom, Dick and Harry running around with their personal weapons getting up to all kinds of reckless behavior–think about the Stand Your Ground laws in a situation where local law enforcement was already very overwhelmed.  While I am a supporter of private gun ownership, I also feel the laws should be more strict governing ownership.  When it comes down to it, not everyone should be allowed to own a firearm, when the Second Amendment was drafted, as I have stated before, our current system of private gun information was not what the Founders intended.

I fully expect to get all kinds of hate and discontent for this post and I am ready for it.  However, do yourself a favor and do some research before you attempt to participate in this argument.  As a closing side-note, and I think both Daz and Justin will appreciate this sentiment, have you ever noticed how gun fanatics and religious zealots act the same way about their causes?


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Understanding Hate

For many people, such as myself, it is hard to understand the concept of hate.  To clarify, when I speak of hate, I refer to those who hate based upon a person’s gender, race, color, sexual orientation or the many other things the hated person has no control over–simply put, the traits they are born with.  There are many factors which contribute to hate–family belief system, influence from the church and other peers and environmental facts (by which I mean the environment you were raised in and the perceptions of its society.)

I do not claim to be free of hate myself, although I do try everyday to purge it from my beliefs.  It is hard not to hate, what easily starts as a dislike for a persons actions can easily grow into hate the more arrogant they get with their actions.  However, that is not exactly the type of hate I am referring to here–I am focusing on the feral type of hate that rears its ugly head when confronted with the stereotypical “them”, the others, the not “us”, the different ones.

Sadly, I do not think we will ever really see an end to hate, at this point in our species history we are to focused on maintaining what it is that makes us different from one another as opposed to intermixing the races and evolving as a single species with a similar appearance.  Growing up, I used to wonder about various science fiction shows and movies and the “alien” races they presented, my main question was, “Why are there no different skin colors in these races?”  I went through my younger years and early adult years never having gotten an answer to this question.  It was not until I read Robert Heinlein’s Friday when I began to get an understanding.  As I read more of Heinlein’s novels it began to become clearer to me–in order for a species to advance off of their own planet they have to become a united species, freely intermixing and mingling with one another, hence the similar skin tones in the science fiction movies and tv shows we see.  The question remains however, can we get to this point before we succeed in destroying our own species?

Is it possible to raise our children free from hate?  Maybe, however, it will only work if we ourselves are able to shed our own hatred so it does not become an influence on our children.  Nor will this be an easy accomplishment–it will take several generations to remove hatred from our society and even then there will still be pockets of it around–like wire coat hangers, it will seem to blindly come out of nowhere.

If the Christian god, or any other, really does exist, why would he allow hate to be?  There is no logical reason for it other than to maintain separation between different peoples and ensure conflict and strife.  Personally, I do not think a higher being, a creator if you prefer, would want his greatest creation to hate itself, it serves no purpose other than its own extinction.  Is it enough to chalk it all up to misinterpretation of his words?  Well then, who has the correct version?  Asking that question will only lead to more hate and discontent.

I’ve encountered a lot of hate in my own life, directed at me and at others, and it is brutally ugly no matter where it is directed.  I can just barely understand having enough emotional overflow to hate someone for something they said, did or believe, however, hating someone for something they had no control over…  ridiculous.  We have enough to worry about on our journey through life, I think it is time we set hate aside and moved on without it.  Learn to become more accepting of others and you will soon find more acceptance towards yourself.


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