Where I’ve Been & November 6th in Maine

06 Nov
Marriage Equality USA logo

Marriage Equality USA logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As I have received no mail, it seems apparent no one is concerned where I disappeared to–kidding, just kidding.  To give it to ya quick and dirty, since 11/2/2011 I have suffered a series of strokes and related head problems, which combined with my attempts to complete school and be an active part of my family’s life have left me with little time to blog.  They have no idea what is causing the strokes, aside from the general term of stress (which I have given up on my dreams of school to alleviate one form of stress), however after much testing and poking and prodding stress is all they can tell me.  I have no deficits from these episodes, aside from constant headaches and what I term “wooziness”, yes a nice scientific term there.
Moving on–November 6th in Maine.  Some will ask why I am not focusing on the entirety of Election Day, well honestly, I know who is going to win the Presidential Election and I have more interest in the issue of Same Sex Marriage in Maine which is being voted on today (an idea I  find stupid and ludicrous, but there you have it.)  It will be interesting to see the results of Question 1 as it has been a hot topic since the last time it came up for vote in 20009, except this time there seems to be more in favor of it.  Perhaps Mainers are in fact waking up to the fact of the 21st century, who woulda guessed it?



At any rate, let us all hope, in our own ways, the elections turn out for the betterment of not just the country, but ALL the people of this country.


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3 responses to “Where I’ve Been & November 6th in Maine

  1. Daz

    November 6, 2012 at 6:47 pm

    To coin a much overused phrase, “OMG!” I was wondering just yesterday where you’d got to, but I just figured so-called real-life got in the way. Well, I suppose I was right, but I hadn’t thought it would be quite so, erm, dramatic.

    Is there any kind of long-term diagnosis/prognosis?

    Glad you’re okay; here’s hoping you get … um … okayer.


    • Jimi

      November 6, 2012 at 7:23 pm

      Oddly enough I am ok–some delays in mental capacity, but nothing overly severe. It is more frustrating than anything else and of course that leads to stress… and Yoda is talking in my head again.


  2. Jenni Cutting

    November 7, 2012 at 1:37 pm

    We won we won we won! LOL! Hey babe 20009 huh? Dang! Giggles. What is Yoda saying? I bet he is saying “Give your wife a massage you must”! hehehehe anyhow, I am glad that the votes all added up and we gave equal rights to all but I am sad that it had to come to a vote and not something we did because we are all good human beings. There will till be those that look down on it and say nasty things but they are the small minded ones and I hope that people will be proud of who they are and who they love and not let the small minded ones get in their way! Now I want to get my Notary so I can officiate weddings for couples regardless
    of their sex!!



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