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I Think I Am Getting Old

Let me be frank here, I love music, just about all kinds of music.  While I may not care for every song from a particular genre, I am very open to music and try to collect the artists that I do like.  Every now and again I will hear a song which creates an emotional response within me, typically in a romantic sense.  When I dislike a song it is never more than a simple dislike for it, although rarely there are some songs I hate–“Call Me, Maybe” being high on that list.  However, I have encountered a song which gave me a rather large WTF moment;  Carrie Underwood’s “Two Black Cadillacs”.

Bear with me here while I attempt to explain my feelings about this song.  I understand perfectly the feelings described by the two women in the song, perfectly natural to feel hurt and betrayed in that situation and I am fully for the empowerment of women, however I think this song went to far by a long shot.  There have been other songs which relate women getting revenge on men in their lives, The Dixie Chicks “Earl Had To Die” and another by Carrie Underwood, “Before He Cheats.”  Now, both of these songs deal with revenge and illegal acts, even murder, but one can easily relate to the situations.    However, for me, Two Black Cadillacs, takes it much to far for the situation explained.  Yes, the duplicitous nature of the man involved was evil, however, killing him is very extreme in this situation and takes what had potential to be a good song and turns it into something dirty and hidden.

Honestly, this is just my opinion, one of many on the internet and I doubt it will matter to anyone all that much, just wanted to get it out of my system.

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