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Beginning The Steps

AA Big Book

AA Big Book (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hello, my name is Jim and I am an alcoholic.  I have been battling this disease for a long time now, longer than I care to admit to at times, and it is only recently I was able to fully admit I had no control over it and needed help to overcome it.  For many years I thought I could just drink socially, and for a while I could, but boy what a fool I was.  All those benders I had along the way and the instances of drinking recently have proven to me I cannot control, I never will be able to control it and I need help to stay sober.


I have admitted I am powerless over alcohol–that my life has become unmanageable.


Step 1 has been completed for me, I have admitted to myself and to others that I am powerless over alcohol, that I cannot control it–it in fact controls me, and because of this my life is unmanageable.  With everything else going on in my life:  divorce, physical and mental health problems, a new relationship, etc.  I do not need or desire the influence of alcohol.

So, what now?  Well, while I have a “recovery buddy”, which is a friend I can talk to about recovery and helping to keep each other sober, what I really need to do is get a sponsor and start going to more meetings.  The problem with getting a sponsor is finding someone that I can trust and have faith in–never an easy task.  I thought I had found one, however it turned out he was involved in a lot of drama (some with my recovery buddy) and that was something I did not want to get involved in, especially considering a sponsor is someone I am supposed to be able to get along with and that would not be easy if I was angry at him and wanted to kick his ass.

I currently volunteer at a social club for people in recovery and it is a good, safe environment for me to be in.  It gives me people to talk with who know what I am going through and are able to talk to me with their own experience in recovering from alcoholism.  The people I have met through the club are important to me and I cherish the impact each of them makes in my life.  Without this network of friends I would most likely be buried in a bottle somewhere at best and still hospitalized at worst.

No need to worry, I won’t be turning all preachy or “booze is bad”, I just wanted to post a disclaimer so everyone would be aware of the tonal changes that are bound to show up in any posts and comments I make in the future.


Happy blogging all!


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Things That Have Always Made Me Wonder

Just random thoughts which have always bugged me my entire life.  Some of these are gonna be completely out there and some may offend people–I make no apologies either way.

Why is it when a King marries his wife becomes Queen, but when a Queen marries her husband does not necessarily become King?

The asteroid belt? This one has always boggled me. I constantly hear talk of having to construct vehicles to be able to navigate through the asteroid belt, well is it really a belt or more of a sphere that encloses the inner planets? And if it is really only a belt, why not just fly over/under it to avoid it altogether?

If the requirements to become a soldier/fireman/police officer are XYZ, why should exceptions be made for any reason?

If you made a clone of yourself that was the opposite gender and had intercourse, would it be incest or masturbation?

Why is it coats, shirts, sweaters, etc. designed for females button/zipper the opposite way as clothing for males?  Related question, I know the answer to this one, just curious who else may:  Why does a traditional female bicycle not have the straight bar?

Why are Christmas canes so hard to get open–without breaking?

Why is it acceptable for a woman to be a stay at home parent but not a man?

Why does it seem the older a driver gets, the bigger their car becomes?

Did you know the color of a bullfighter’s cape has nothing to do with angering the bull?  It is the movement of the cape that attracts his attention.

Why is it when people are buying items at a yard sale it is all junk and not worth the money people are asking for it, but when they turn around and sell it in their own yard sale it is suddenly gold?

Why is it called a laptop if you hold it there to long it burns the hell out of you?

Are you aware that what we call buffalo in the USA are actually Bison?  Buffalo are critters like Cape Buffalo and Water Buffaloes from South East Asia.


Well, that is all I am gonna include for now, if y’all wanna contribute feel free.


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Let’s Talk About Gun Control

No Guns

No Guns (Photo credit: krazydad / jbum)

Why not, huh?  My big coming back debut, why not talk about this hot button topic.  As with most every other topic I am probably going to piss off everyone with this post, however, I stand by my original statement that these are my thoughts and as always I welcome spirited discussion on them.  Recent events (within the last year), have brought this topic into the forefront once again and it is far past time for me to comment on it fully and share my thoughts on all the different aspects of it.  Let’s start this off like this:

Should private citizens be allowed to own guns?  Absolutely!  Does the 2nd Amendment guarantee private citizens the right to own guns?  By my understanding of it, no it does not.  Seriously, prove to me you are in a militia and then we will talk.  Should there be some form of gun control in this country?  Fucking right there should be and all you cry baby republitards need to get a grip, or will it take one of your kids getting shot at school to make you see things differently?

I have talked about the 2nd Amendment before so I not gonna get into that here, however what I am going to talk about is why we need gun control/monitoring laws.  Answer me this, why shouldn’t you have to pass a background check to own a gun?  You have to take a test to get a driver’s license don’t ya?  Why should this be any different?  This has nothing to be with personal rights, if you are not willing to go through a background check, what is it you are trying to hide?  There should be background checks and qualification exams for many things in this country, such as owning a computer or becoming a parent.  Both of which any idiot can do and cause plenty of harm with both.  The entire point of background checks is to make sure that only stable/safe people are owning guns to lessen the chance of incidents like school shootings are lessened.

One incident that happened here in Maine that bothers me is a local newspaper publishing the names of people that have concealed carry permits.  That is very wrong in my opinion, that is setting them up to be a target.  Why not publish the names of people that have more than $250,000 in their bank accounts or who wear thousands of dollars of jewelry all the time.  While this information is available publicly there is no reason for a newspaper to publish it, very irresponsible.

I don’t care what you say or what arguments you use, there is no reason for private citizens to own fully automatic weapons, high capacity clips or armor piercings rounds or any of that other bullshit.  If you are truly only owning a gun for hunting, target shooting and home defense those items are not needed, not by a long shot.  All you are doing by creating an argument out of those items is clouding the real issue of gun control and making it last forever and creating more problems than there need to be.

If you want to own a gun I have no problem with it at all, but I do want you to go through a background check and prove that you can use and store it responsibly.  Not everyone is entitled to own a gun, just like not everyone is entitled to operate a motor vehicle.  Do I want to see guns removed entirely from the citizenry?  Of course not, but I do desire that my government makes sure that only safe people own guns.     Oh what’s that, “If you outlaw guns only outlaws will own guns”?  Kiss my ass, that is the lamest thing I have ever heard.  No matter what we are gonna have people break the law for the simple fact that they have no respect for the law regardless of the issue.  Guns, cigarettes, jaywalking…  it makes no difference if they decide to break they law they will.  That is where enforcement of the laws comes into play and with guns, the punishment should be even more severe for a crime committed with a gun.

The real problem, as I see it, is this:  If owning your guns is more important to you than the safety of children, then no, you should not be allowed to own guns.


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