Things That Have Always Made Me Wonder

13 Mar

Just random thoughts which have always bugged me my entire life.  Some of these are gonna be completely out there and some may offend people–I make no apologies either way.

Why is it when a King marries his wife becomes Queen, but when a Queen marries her husband does not necessarily become King?

The asteroid belt? This one has always boggled me. I constantly hear talk of having to construct vehicles to be able to navigate through the asteroid belt, well is it really a belt or more of a sphere that encloses the inner planets? And if it is really only a belt, why not just fly over/under it to avoid it altogether?

If the requirements to become a soldier/fireman/police officer are XYZ, why should exceptions be made for any reason?

If you made a clone of yourself that was the opposite gender and had intercourse, would it be incest or masturbation?

Why is it coats, shirts, sweaters, etc. designed for females button/zipper the opposite way as clothing for males?  Related question, I know the answer to this one, just curious who else may:  Why does a traditional female bicycle not have the straight bar?

Why are Christmas canes so hard to get open–without breaking?

Why is it acceptable for a woman to be a stay at home parent but not a man?

Why does it seem the older a driver gets, the bigger their car becomes?

Did you know the color of a bullfighter’s cape has nothing to do with angering the bull?  It is the movement of the cape that attracts his attention.

Why is it when people are buying items at a yard sale it is all junk and not worth the money people are asking for it, but when they turn around and sell it in their own yard sale it is suddenly gold?

Why is it called a laptop if you hold it there to long it burns the hell out of you?

Are you aware that what we call buffalo in the USA are actually Bison?  Buffalo are critters like Cape Buffalo and Water Buffaloes from South East Asia.


Well, that is all I am gonna include for now, if y’all wanna contribute feel free.


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3 responses to “Things That Have Always Made Me Wonder

  1. Daz

    March 13, 2013 at 9:13 pm


    The king/queen thing: Until these (supposedly) equal times, a man was assumed to outrank his wife at all levels of society. Therefore, if (usually for political reasons) it’s felt that the queen should remain head of the country, her husband is given the rank of prince consort so that his “feudal” (or whatever the hell the proper word is) rank is lower than that of his wife. It’s supposed to make sure he doesn’t try to claim the privileges of a full-blown King. A woman marrying a monarch, on the other hand, would be automatically lower in rank than her husband, so it’s politically safe to call her a queen. Still an’ all, she’s often been known, technically, as queen consort (as opposed to queen regnant), to differentiate her from a full-powered, all-up queen. William and Mary are the only British examples of an actual King and Queen co-regnant couple that I can think of offhand, though I dare say there’ve been a couple or three more. Rarer than you might imagine though.

    Asteroids generally stay within the same disc (the ecliptic) that the planets inhabit.

    Oh, and welcome back!


  2. Jim

    March 13, 2013 at 9:19 pm

    Thanks Daz, it is good to be back. Been through a lot of changes and it will be reflected in my writing and my next post will be very revealing to some of those changes.


  3. Recovering Agnostic

    March 15, 2013 at 4:55 pm

    I’m not even going to touch most of those, but if you had a clone, it would have to be the same sex as you by definition. Assuming the question to be reworded accordingly, I’ve had long arguments in the past about how to understand and deal with the existence of identical copies of yourself (admittedly, usually in connection with Star Trek transporters and associated thought experiments), and I don’t think they’ve ever come to a clear resolution.



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