Intelligent Conversation

22 Jun

Over the last six months I have learned the simple fact that education plays no factor into how well someone can carry on a conversation–no matter where it might tangent off to.  From the psych ward, to the shelter and even to the halls of AA I have encountered some very diverse people who, while not educated, are very intelligent and have provided me with some deep insight into various topics.  For those just learning I spent time on the psych ward, sorry it had to be put forth in this manner…  eh, no I am not.  Hehe

A lot has changed about me since December, I can clearly see that in a lot of ways I am not the same person that I was back then, some changes are for the good and some are for the bad, however, overall they are the changes I have gone through and like evolution itself, we cannot control the changes which transpire completely.  I have learned to accept people differently as well as learned new ways of interacting with people.  I have learned things about myself I never thought I would admit before, (bipolar, manic, majorly depressive, addict to several degrees.)  However strange this trip has been, it has been informative and a growing experience for me and I am quite sure that it is far from being over.

I’ve always been open to the ideas of others, but I find myself being even more so now–to the point that I have altered many of my stances and ideas on things to reflect the new information I have been introduced to.  People come from many different walks of life and as a general rule we tend to alienate those which do not fit into our narrow band of life experience.  If we are truly to become the open-minded people that we seek to be we must open ourselves not only to accepting people from outside our life experiences but be willing to engage in actual conversations with them and be open to accepting their opinions and viewpoints.  Ya never know, you might just learn something!

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