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Intelligent Conversation

Posted by Jimi Cutting on June 22, 2013

Over the last six months I have learned the simple fact that education plays no factor into how well someone can carry on a conversation–no matter where it might tangent off to.  From the psych ward, to the shelter and even to the halls of AA I have encountered some very diverse people who, while not educated, are very intelligent and have provided me with some deep insight into various topics.  For those just learning I spent time on the psych ward, sorry it had to be put forth in this manner…  eh, no I am not.  Hehe

A lot has changed about me since December, I can clearly see that in a lot of ways I am not the same person that I was back then, some changes are for the good and some are for the bad, however, overall they are the changes I have gone through and like evolution itself, we cannot control the changes which transpire completely.  I have learned to accept people differently as well as learned new ways of interacting with people.  I have learned things about myself I never thought I would admit before, (bipolar, manic, majorly depressive, addict to several degrees.)  However strange this trip has been, it has been informative and a growing experience for me and I am quite sure that it is far from being over.

I’ve always been open to the ideas of others, but I find myself being even more so now–to the point that I have altered many of my stances and ideas on things to reflect the new information I have been introduced to.  People come from many different walks of life and as a general rule we tend to alienate those which do not fit into our narrow band of life experience.  If we are truly to become the open-minded people that we seek to be we must open ourselves not only to accepting people from outside our life experiences but be willing to engage in actual conversations with them and be open to accepting their opinions and viewpoints.  Ya never know, you might just learn something!

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I Think I Am Getting Old

Posted by Jimi Cutting on December 6, 2012

Let me be frank here, I love music, just about all kinds of music.  While I may not care for every song from a particular genre, I am very open to music and try to collect the artists that I do like.  Every now and again I will hear a song which creates an emotional response within me, typically in a romantic sense.  When I dislike a song it is never more than a simple dislike for it, although rarely there are some songs I hate–”Call Me, Maybe” being high on that list.  However, I have encountered a song which gave me a rather large WTF moment;  Carrie Underwood’s “Two Black Cadillacs”.

Bear with me here while I attempt to explain my feelings about this song.  I understand perfectly the feelings described by the two women in the song, perfectly natural to feel hurt and betrayed in that situation and I am fully for the empowerment of women, however I think this song went to far by a long shot.  There have been other songs which relate women getting revenge on men in their lives, The Dixie Chicks “Earl Had To Die” and another by Carrie Underwood, “Before He Cheats.”  Now, both of these songs deal with revenge and illegal acts, even murder, but one can easily relate to the situations.    However, for me, Two Black Cadillacs, takes it much to far for the situation explained.  Yes, the duplicitous nature of the man involved was evil, however, killing him is very extreme in this situation and takes what had potential to be a good song and turns it into something dirty and hidden.

Honestly, this is just my opinion, one of many on the internet and I doubt it will matter to anyone all that much, just wanted to get it out of my system.

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Repost From Americablog

Posted by Jimi Cutting on November 27, 2012

Give Salvation Army anti-gay bigots vouchers instead of money

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Where I’ve Been & November 6th in Maine

Posted by Jimi Cutting on November 6, 2012

Marriage Equality USA logo

Marriage Equality USA logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As I have received no mail, it seems apparent no one is concerned where I disappeared to–kidding, just kidding.  To give it to ya quick and dirty, since 11/2/2011 I have suffered a series of strokes and related head problems, which combined with my attempts to complete school and be an active part of my family’s life have left me with little time to blog.  They have no idea what is causing the strokes, aside from the general term of stress (which I have given up on my dreams of school to alleviate one form of stress), however after much testing and poking and prodding stress is all they can tell me.  I have no deficits from these episodes, aside from constant headaches and what I term “wooziness”, yes a nice scientific term there.
Moving on–November 6th in Maine.  Some will ask why I am not focusing on the entirety of Election Day, well honestly, I know who is going to win the Presidential Election and I have more interest in the issue of Same Sex Marriage in Maine which is being voted on today (an idea I  find stupid and ludicrous, but there you have it.)  It will be interesting to see the results of Question 1 as it has been a hot topic since the last time it came up for vote in 20009, except this time there seems to be more in favor of it.  Perhaps Mainers are in fact waking up to the fact of the 21st century, who woulda guessed it?



At any rate, let us all hope, in our own ways, the elections turn out for the betterment of not just the country, but ALL the people of this country.

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My Birthday Wish

Posted by Jimi Cutting on June 22, 2012

As anyone who reads my blog will know I am a big supporter of marriage equality. I normally do not do the “Cause Wishes” that get sent out around my birthday but with the ballot issue coming up in Maine this November and all the other states dealing with the issue I figured this would be a good time. So, the link below is to my wish, donate if you can, share either way. It would be nice to raise some money for this very important issue.


My Birthday Wish

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Understanding Hate

Posted by Jimi Cutting on June 9, 2012

For many people, such as myself, it is hard to understand the concept of hate.  To clarify, when I speak of hate, I refer to those who hate based upon a person’s gender, race, color, sexual orientation or the many other things the hated person has no control over–simply put, the traits they are born with.  There are many factors which contribute to hate–family belief system, influence from the church and other peers and environmental facts (by which I mean the environment you were raised in and the perceptions of its society.)

I do not claim to be free of hate myself, although I do try everyday to purge it from my beliefs.  It is hard not to hate, what easily starts as a dislike for a persons actions can easily grow into hate the more arrogant they get with their actions.  However, that is not exactly the type of hate I am referring to here–I am focusing on the feral type of hate that rears its ugly head when confronted with the stereotypical “them”, the others, the not “us”, the different ones.

Sadly, I do not think we will ever really see an end to hate, at this point in our species history we are to focused on maintaining what it is that makes us different from one another as opposed to intermixing the races and evolving as a single species with a similar appearance.  Growing up, I used to wonder about various science fiction shows and movies and the “alien” races they presented, my main question was, “Why are there no different skin colors in these races?”  I went through my younger years and early adult years never having gotten an answer to this question.  It was not until I read Robert Heinlein’s Friday when I began to get an understanding.  As I read more of Heinlein’s novels it began to become clearer to me–in order for a species to advance off of their own planet they have to become a united species, freely intermixing and mingling with one another, hence the similar skin tones in the science fiction movies and tv shows we see.  The question remains however, can we get to this point before we succeed in destroying our own species?

Is it possible to raise our children free from hate?  Maybe, however, it will only work if we ourselves are able to shed our own hatred so it does not become an influence on our children.  Nor will this be an easy accomplishment–it will take several generations to remove hatred from our society and even then there will still be pockets of it around–like wire coat hangers, it will seem to blindly come out of nowhere.

If the Christian god, or any other, really does exist, why would he allow hate to be?  There is no logical reason for it other than to maintain separation between different peoples and ensure conflict and strife.  Personally, I do not think a higher being, a creator if you prefer, would want his greatest creation to hate itself, it serves no purpose other than its own extinction.  Is it enough to chalk it all up to misinterpretation of his words?  Well then, who has the correct version?  Asking that question will only lead to more hate and discontent.

I’ve encountered a lot of hate in my own life, directed at me and at others, and it is brutally ugly no matter where it is directed.  I can just barely understand having enough emotional overflow to hate someone for something they said, did or believe, however, hating someone for something they had no control over…  ridiculous.  We have enough to worry about on our journey through life, I think it is time we set hate aside and moved on without it.  Learn to become more accepting of others and you will soon find more acceptance towards yourself.

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There Is An Old Man In The Children’s Section, Someone Call Swat

Posted by Jimi Cutting on June 7, 2012

While the title of this post refers to Omar Amin and the events which occurred at the Barnes & Noble store he was at, this is also a continuation post to something I earlier discussed in Paranoid At Big Brother/Big Sisters.  It is important for me to state here I am not one of those militant males who are seeking to regain male rights, those people make me giggle.  Instead, I am someone who fights for equality for everyone regardless of gender, color or sexuality.  This incident at Barnes & Noble, as well as others like it, is deplorable and shows just how far into the realm of paranoia our society has gone.  This hit me on a personal level as I am a kid at heart myself, as well as having five children of my own who I do not always being to WalMart with me, and typically the first place I go when I am at Walmart is to the toy section to check out if there are any new Nerf guns we might enjoy for our battles.

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CeCe McDonald And Bei Bei Shuai

Posted by Jimi Cutting on June 6, 2012

Today I was presented with two very interesting examples of the War On Women.  While they are very different examples I have chosen to discuss them both in one post merely to illustrate the blatant sexism being presented.  Both CeCe McDonald and Bei Bei Shuai are victims of a system which has not evolved quickly enough to keep up with societal changes.

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Breastfeeding In Uniform

Posted by Jimi Cutting on June 2, 2012

I had initially decided to not post about this one because, well, I am a man.  However, as a critical thinker, and after seeing many outraged Facebook posts and comments I decided I had to step up on the soap box and address this one in hopes of getting some rational thinking out there about this topic.  That being said, I want to state that I fully support breastfeeding as it is quite natural and best for the baby.  I also support a woman’s right/choice to breastfeed wherever she wants to; people really need to get over the entire “OMG look a titty!” deal.  The American society really is stuck in Puritan mode when it comes to anything even remotely related to sex and honestly, it is far past the time when we need to get over it, however I diverge from the main point here.

So, exactly what is at issue here with the image at the top of this post?  Is it women breast feeding while wearing a military uniform?  Women having a “sexual” body part exposed while wearing a uniform?  The answer is no to all of the above.  It has actually really started to irritate me how indignant people online are becoming about this issue when they are not even fully informing themselves about what the issue is.

What the main issue is, what the military is reacting to is the fact that the uniform was used to promote a cause, this is a no-no by military standards.  You cannot use a military uniform to promote any cause whatsoever, that is it folks, nothing about breast feeding at all.  These women have not fallen under any sort of punishment and really the only thing that will come about from this is the incident will be used as a form of education to remind soldiers about the policy concerning uniforms.

I beg you all, before commenting on an issue actually look into what it is about.  Critical thinking skills are very important and will benefit you well in all aspects of your life.  Make sure you are getting all the information available and keep asking questions until you have all your answers.

As a slight side note, given all the requirements for the appearance of a military uniform I honestly do not understand why women would breastfeed while wearing the uniform and risk staining it and then have a surprise inspection called.  However, that is just me using those same critical thinking skills I was just talking about.  By no means am I saying they shouldn’t, I just think that personally it is something I would not do just for the sake of convenience.


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Churches Becoming Hate Groups

Posted by Jimi Cutting on May 22, 2012

I must say, I am rather disgusted seeing these articles floating around about various priests saying we should kill off all the homosexual people.  Really?  Are the Bingo games getting so boring it has come to this?  Above all else, the Bible preaches about love, not hate.  It is not for the servants of God to put forth punishment on others.  These statements do nothing but affirm my personal belief that organized religion is a cancer on any society.

It sincerely humors me how on one hand these Bible beaters harp on about text in the Old Testament, but will then turn around and proclaims that Jesus stated the Old Testament no longer applies.  Come on folks, you cannot have it both ways.  Pick how you are going to be a bigot and stick with it, try some consistency in your life.  If homosexuality was sex a big issue for Jesus, why did he never speak on it…  not once!  His fake apostle Paul does, however Paul was extremely bias and was witnessing life in Greece which was far outside his own scope of life.

For those interested in a fair review of what the Bible really has to say about homosexuality, I recommend this reading by Reverend Mel White.  It is a very informative piece and covers the issue of language, translating and how ideas and concepts change between societies and throughout history.  I have used this source several times in different pieces I have written and each time I review it I am continually struck by the simplicity of the arguments that people have such a hard time wrapping their heads around.

Christianity is a wonderful concept for those that embrace it.  I have read the Bible several times and if it was actually practiced as Jesus directed the religion would be worth having around; however, allowing these bigots to hide under the umbrella of what they call Christianity is a disgrace, plain and simple.  We chase and shut down hate groups all the time, why are these so called religious people able to get away with it?  We have many people serving time in prison for doing nothing more than these “priest” get away with and yet we allow them to continue…  that is the saddest statement of all.

What is it going to take for people to realize this is not a Christian nation, honestly?  There may be many Christian people in this nation, just as there are many Islams, Buddhists, Atheists and what not, we do not proclaim the nation to be all about them.  Religion needs to stay in the damn church and out of government involvement.  If they want to become a political action group then it is time for the government to start treating them as such:  taxes, donations in public records and everything else that goes with it.  Stop using God and Jesus as your excuse to spread your own hate.

You may claim you are not bigoted in your stance on gay rights/marriage, but if you support these priests by going to their churches or by remaining in the Christian religion that is protected from Rome then yes you are a bigot and full of hate.  And, well, I hate to be the one to tell you this but you will never get into Heaven, according to the words of your own religion you are doomed to burn for eternity in Hell–kinda sucks getting your own words thrown back at you, ain’t it?

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