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Dear Facebook,

On June 29, I will be turning 40 years old.  My gift to myself will be completely removing myself from Facebook once and for all.  Which direction I go from here I do not know, but it will be to something more friendly to its users.

What started out as a great and amazing idea, has quickly become nothing more than an excuse to make money; at your user’s expense.  As with any technology, change is to be expected and so I have not complained publicly about the changes over time to Facebook.  However, this increasing issue with the News Feed, on both the web application and the Android app is becoming quite silly.  When I click Most Recent, I want to see the newest stuff first and then the older stuff arranged by time–as does anyone else.  On the Android app, now you have the Most Recent choice hidden and it still does not always show things properly, why is this such a hard concept for you?

Why is it you put no bearing on what your users want?  Is it the almighty dollar?  Well, that is a double edged sword as we can merely leave your service and find another–and if demand becomes high enough another service will appear which meets our needs.

While I do not reasonably expect everyone to boycott Facebook as I am, all I really ask is for people to think about it.  Change comes about from action, either cancelling your account or not using it.  It does nothing to complain about things Facebook does while sitting there playing Farmvill or Words With Friends.

I would like to see everyone who reads this re-blogging it, posting a link, whatever ya can to pass the message along.  We can make the change we want if we are willing to take the action required to achieve it.

See you all on Tumblr or Google+, have not really decided which I am going with yet.



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