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Why It Should In Fact Be Called President’s Day

I know that as far as the law is concerned the holiday is “Washington’s Birthday”, however that does not mean that it is a “right” concept.  Every person that has served as President should receive recognition for the duties they performed for this nation during their term(s).  As a practical matter it is really not feasible to have each President have their own day so it only seems logical that there should be a unified “President’s Day” in this nation.

By now you are probably talking to you monitor and listing various Presidents that should not receive recognition, well guess what, you are wrong.  Whatever your own thoughts and beliefs, the presidency goes beyond the man in the office, it is the symbol of this nation, the leader.  Even more than this nation being judged by our President we are judged by other nations by the way our people treat and react to the current, and past, Presidents.

I do not have some liberal agenda on this issue, all I am advocating is a fair recognition of all the people that have given their time to serve as President of this nation.  Granted, Washington is considered the father of this country, however it can easily be argued that there were Presidents who had more of an influence of the progression of this nation than him.

Is this revisionism in my eyes?  Maybe, or maybe I believe in my nation and those people that have served this country, be they elected officials or members of the military.  All of these people deserve our support and recognition of their service.  So please folks, let’s be reasonable here and stop taking a chance to correct someone over something so trivial.

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