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Et Tu Mike Seaver? (a.k.a. Kirk Cameron)

I do not know why, but I am actually shocked at the statements that Kirk Cameron has made about same-sex marriage.  I do realize that actors are not the characters they portray, I am not that insane yet, however, Growing Pains was one of those 80’s shows that was always filled with moral lessons.  I am however happy that GLAAD is taking a stand against this and has a petition going to try and get Cameron’s attention, if that is possible.  Hopefully he can learn the lesson quickly and not have to suffer the same fate as Rush Limbaugh.

From what I am reading it would seem that Cameron has gotten religion and is an evangelist, not exactly my cup of tea but all the more power to him.  However, it would seem to me that someone that provided such a positive role model for so many during the 80s would use this as an opportunity to spread love as opposed to hate, but hey that is just me.  I really do not know what to say about all this, it is just so shocking to me honestly.  I never would have thought Kirk Cameron would be a bigot like this, maybe I did let the TV show blind me.

It is interesting to note that more and more celebrities are coming out about this topic, no matter what side they stand for.  While yes they are entitled to their own opinions and values just like everyone else, the celebrities need to realize they are going to be held to different standards simply for the fact that their words are heard by many more people than the average person’s are.  While this may not seem fair, it is the reality of being a celebrity in this day and age.

One can only hope that the influential people in our society: politicians, educators and celebrities, can begin to come around and realize that not only is marriage equality fair it is the right thing to do.  LGBTQ is not a fad and is not something that is going to just fade away.  Just as we are all different in our races and origins so are we in our sexuality and it is far past time to level the playing field and get over it already.

I may be a simple blogger but I have a voice as well as a wallet.  These people that choose to continue spitting out their venom rely on sponsors to keep them going, it is my wallet that keeps the sponsors in business.  It is all simple math.

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