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Florida Just Keeps Disappointing Me

I have been following the events concerning Trayvon Matin and George Zimmerman for a while now and I guess it is time I through my two bits into the ring.  Regardless of the fact that Zimmerman may or may not be Hispanic, this is a case of racism pure and simple.  Zimmerman saw a black kid walking in a gated community and immediately flashed to every poor cop show he ever saw on TV and became Barney Fife.  Despite the fact that 911 told him to do nothing, to not approach the person he saw, he did anyway.  Now seriously, if I am approached by someone that starts hassling me and giving me a hard time and they do not identify themselves as law enforcement, I am going to tell them to fuck off; twice if they keep at it.

Is it any wonder that the FBI has stepped in to assume control of this investigation now?  The good-ole-boy police department down there in Sanford, Florida sure aren’t doing anything about it.  “Oh, we are looking in to it.”  Oh bullshit, please.  That screwed up stand your ground law you have down there was a clusterfuck waiting to explode and guess what, it just did.  Someone took it upon themselves to shoot someone else without being on their own property or being faced with deadly force and now y’all are ready to let him get away with it.

No, I do not know all the facts of this case, no one does, that is my point.  However, this is not being handled properly and if it is not taken care of properly there is going to be hell to pay, mark my words.  People will not sit idly by and let themselves be shot just for being somewhere that someone does not want them to be; or even worse as I already described, someone is accosted by a stranger and tells them to fuck off and is then shot for it, what a load of crap.

George Zimmerman is a dumbass that was looking for a fight.  Mostly reminds me of that gun nut whacko in the movie Highlander, unable to get anywhere else so he takes it upon himself to patrol the streets and “do good” as he sees fit.  Zimmerman was the instigator of this event, all the evidence we have been shown points to this; nothing about Trayvon’s past, present, size or what-not matters, Zimmerman instigated a confrontation in hopes of…  well I would like to say just showing off his big old gun but I think he really wanted to kill himself a black man.


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