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Dear Facebook,

On June 29, I will be turning 40 years old.  My gift to myself will be completely removing myself from Facebook once and for all.  Which direction I go from here I do not know, but it will be to something more friendly to its users.

What started out as a great and amazing idea, has quickly become nothing more than an excuse to make money; at your user’s expense.  As with any technology, change is to be expected and so I have not complained publicly about the changes over time to Facebook.  However, this increasing issue with the News Feed, on both the web application and the Android app is becoming quite silly.  When I click Most Recent, I want to see the newest stuff first and then the older stuff arranged by time–as does anyone else.  On the Android app, now you have the Most Recent choice hidden and it still does not always show things properly, why is this such a hard concept for you?

Why is it you put no bearing on what your users want?  Is it the almighty dollar?  Well, that is a double edged sword as we can merely leave your service and find another–and if demand becomes high enough another service will appear which meets our needs.

While I do not reasonably expect everyone to boycott Facebook as I am, all I really ask is for people to think about it.  Change comes about from action, either cancelling your account or not using it.  It does nothing to complain about things Facebook does while sitting there playing Farmvill or Words With Friends.

I would like to see everyone who reads this re-blogging it, posting a link, whatever ya can to pass the message along.  We can make the change we want if we are willing to take the action required to achieve it.

See you all on Tumblr or Google+, have not really decided which I am going with yet.



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Why You Won’t Find Me On Twitter

Well, the answer to this one is really rather simple.  I do not understand the platform at all, I am unsure how it works and get easily frustrated when I am trying to use it.  I can see the value in using it and would love to be able to utilize it in promoting my blog, however as I said, I do not want to deal with the headache of it at this time.

For me, Twitter seems to be more of a constant status update change than anything else, feel free to correct me if I am wrong in that assumption.  In the coming weeks I will probably try once again to learn to use the platform again, maybe, it all depends on my mood and whether I have the free time to focus on it.  In the mean time if anyone wants to throw me any Twitter tips in the comments feel free…  and if you have a link to Twitter for Dummies feel free to share!

(Update 5:13 PM – Starting to figure out Twitter and integrating it with my blog.)


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I Had Sex With Kevin Bacon

No, not really, and sorry Kevin I really loved you in Footloose and Tremors but you are to rugged for me.  However, bear with me for just a minute and you will understand where I am going with this.  Everyone else remember the whole “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” fad that went around a while back?  The one that basically says, given six connections you can connect any two people in the world/history.  All right now keep that in mind as we move on here.

When I was in school and they got around to sex education and safe sex et al. one of the statements they posed was:

Every time you have sex with someone, you are also having sex with everyone they have ever had sex with . . . so on and so forth up the whole food chain, so to speak.

And that is where the title of this post came from.  However, what I want to discuss here is the real connections that we all have in this world.  With the advent of the internet and social networking sites we are more connected as a species than we have ever been in the history of our species.  So our six degrees are really much less than that.

It is hard for people to conceptualize just how connected they are with the rest of the world.  The best example I can provide is that of a spider web as shown below.

If you picture yourself as the center of the web, you can easily see all your connections as they are laid out before you.  Even with friends of friends of friends, you can see that you are only a figurative mouse click away from being friends with them yourself.

So, what does this all mean Jimi?!?!?  I can hear you shouting at your screens now.  Honestly, I do not know, this was a thought that came to me in the shower and I wanted to get it written down (so to speak) before I forgot about it.  I will probably revisit this post at some point in the future to edit and update, however for now I want to leave this open for discussion and everyone’s ideas on the topic.

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