About Me

So as the title here says, I consider myself to be somewhat of an inactive activist.  I do what I can with what time I have to spare, but it is difficult to rally for all the causes I believe in.  I stand by the opinions I make and the values I have.  One thing I have learned in my life is that everything is subject to change, and that does include those things you believe in.

So, there have been some radical changes in my life recently: I am divorced, again, and am no longer in school (medical reasons) being at the top of the list.

I am the father of two children, my beautiful daughter Harleigh and my handsome son TJ.

This blog will be the space where I place the thoughts and ramblings I have overloading my mind at any one time.  It may seem disjointed and confusing at times, but it is hard to type as fast as thoughts are coming into your head, although I do try my best to self-edit, and to work on improving my writing skills.  I hope to garner some followers here and look forward to comments and discussions with those of you that chose to hang around.

Update; May 9, 2014:

The problem with sites like WordPress and all the others, is the About Me section tends to be rather small and does not provide enough space for everything a person may wish to let his readers know about them.  For this reason, I have chosen to make my first post an extended version of the About Me section.  I do tend to ramble a lot, so buckle up, hold on and try to follow along as I go here.

I am currently single, been divorced twice and have decided to take some time to evaluate what I am doing wrong when it comes to relationships and work from there.  I work at a sober social club here in Lewiston and volunteer just about as many hours here as I get paid for.  It is not the most glamorous or highest paying job in the world, but I love what I do, it makes an impact and I won’t give it up for anything.  Besides, my rent gets paid and I have food in my belly, what more do I need?

 I have two wonderful and amazing children who are without a doubt, the most important part of my life.  They are both incredibly smart, strong in their own right and will do amazing things in their lives, I have no doubt of this.  My daughter, who is 14, has already overcome so much in her life, amazes me each and every day.  My son, 6, amazes me equally, but for different reasons:  he is so smart and witty, able to recall all kinds of events from his life you would not think possible.

Now, as for me…  I tend to be liberal in my thinking, however, I do have some conservative leanings which pretty much leave me out of all the good parties.  I have strength in my beliefs and stand by them fully, although I am always reading and collecting information and it is not uncommon for me to adjust or change my stance on something.  I do enjoy writing, be it in a blog like this or in poetic form.  I have no illusions of being a great poet, however, it is a good form of expression for me.  I like football, both watching and playing–although I am getting a tad old to play anymore.  I am always up for a good discussion about most any topic and I have a habit of playing Devil’s Advocate and taking the side of an argument which is not being represented despite my own feelings on it.

So, I guess this is all I will include here.  For those that choose to follow and read my blog in the posts to come I reckon you will learn more about me.  See you all in the next post…  Or at least some of you.


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