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I blog for the simple reason that I have always liked the idea of keeping a journal of my thoughts, however my handwriting sucks and it is a lot slower for transferring my words to paper than typing is; hence I tend to lose important thoughts due to a lack of speed.  I enjoy interacting with others and getting input and comments from them that can lead to healthy discussions as well as helping to clarify my own thoughts on matters.  With such a plethora of information available to us it is hard to be able to take in every aspect of an issue and there is always someone out there than can provide some new information for us.

I blog for my own enjoyment, to get my thoughts on certain issues down so that I can come back to them at some later time and see if my stance has changed or if I am able to kick-start some critical thinking within myself on these issues.  I do not blog for hit counts, followers or top search results, none of that matters to me in all honesty.  Mostly I just enjoy getting into discussions with folks and I hope to build a solid community of like-minded thinkers and that we are able to generate some interesting thoughts and conversations.

Most of the content currently here was imported from my old Blogger account, yes I am boycotting Google right now, and I will try to get it all tagged and what not as I have time for.


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